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Can Chiropractic Adjustments Increase Flexibility in Athletes?

Athletes work hard at their sports to achieve the best possible results. While everyone experiences physiological changes throughout the aging process, many athletes would prefer to stay at their peak performance naturally, if possible. As muscles, tissue, and tendons age, one of the common struggles athletes have is how to maintain their flexibility and range of motion.

There have been several studies analyzing how chiropractic care can enhance flexibility and range of motion, which is known to benefit performance, speed, and overall results in an athlete.

Chiropractors are doctors whose specialty is preventing and treating neuromuscular-skeletal disorders. These affect the entire body by way of the spine and nervous system and the joints.

Chiropractic Care for Athletes Chiropractor Dallas, TxWhen there is something out of place, whether caused by muscle or bone, it can mean a limited range of motion and restricted use of that limb, joint, or area of the body.

By utilizing techniques like spinal manipulations and corrective manual adjustments, sometimes in coordination with physical therapy and massage where necessary, a skilled chiropractor can help to get the structure into proper alignment, and also regain full use of the joint or area.

One study done on runners in Switzerland found that chiropractic care was able to improve flexibility and extensibility throughout their hips, which seemed to result in faster running times for the test subjects.

Another study done on 105 participants in Australia found that chiropractic adjustments increased flexibility on all participants.

Getting and keeping the spine in alignment can result in several valuable benefits to athletes, including pain relief, a boost to the immune system, and yes, an increase in flexibility and use of the joints and limbs.

When you set up your complimentary consultation with ReMed Pain and Wellness Clinic, their caring team will assess your current range of motion and flexibility, and listen to your athletic goals to devise a customized treatment plan that will help you reach those targets.

Limited mobility and range of motion can not only be frustrating to an athlete, but it can also lead to injury or debility if training without proper care. Restricting your athletic activities also isn’t a great solution for most who are used to being physically active, either. Through regular chiropractic care, you can help keep your body healthy, aid in faster recovery, and prevent illness and injury.

Find out what natural options for pain relief and increased flexibility are available to you by contacting ReMed Pain and Wellness Clinic at (214)-221-2525.