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How Stem Cells Aid in Pain Relief and Recovery

You may have heard of regenerative stem cell therapy, either in the news media or maybe from someone you know. But perhaps you don’t yet know how stem cells and regenerative medicine can help you recover from painful conditions to find relief that lasts.

Regenerative stem cell treatments are truly the medicine of the future. With the use of unique, healing cells that work to regenerate damaged tissue, many people who thought they could never recover from painful injuries or degenerative conditions have found recovery and relief at last.

What are Regenerative Stem Cells?

Regenerative stem cells are cells that have the ability to boost the body’s healing process in order to regenerate damaged or degraded tissue.

Every human body contains stem cells, and these contribute to the healing process when the body is injured or in pain. Over time, these cells lose their potency, and our body doesn’t heal as quickly. Think about how fast a 7-year-old heals from an injury compared to a 70-year-old. Regenerative stem cells have the ability to heal areas of need quickly and without the assistance of drugs or surgery.

How are Stem Cells Used in Pain Relief?

What are Regenerative Stem Cells Dallas, TX

Modern medical science has learned how to utilize stem cells to improve healing in injured joints, ligaments, and muscles for lasting pain relief. These powerful, regenerative cells respond to the signals from injured tissues by encouraging natural healing components to flock to the source of pain.

When a knee, shoulder, or hip hurts around the clock, an effective method of treatment is needed to enable the damaged area to heal at the root of the injury so the pain will stop. Regenerative stem cell therapy does just that. It gets to the root of your pain rather than cover up the symptoms so that you can find long-lasting relief.

In regenerative therapy, young mesenchymal stem cells are injected directly into injured tissues. When the inflammation in the area is subdued, the injuries to muscles, ligaments, and joints can finally and fully heal, bringing pain relief that lasts.

Working with Your Body

Regenerative stem cell therapy works with your body, giving it the boost it needs to heal and return to normal. With this specialized method of treatment, you don’t need to rely on over-the-counter painkillers or prescriptions to get through your day. You can get back to living your life the way you want without debilitating pain getting in the way.

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