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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Relief DFWDo your shoulders hurt when you move them? Are you experiencing discomfort when you try to raise your arm over your head or across your body? If shoulder pain is affecting your range of motion, we have non-invasive, non-surgical, regenerative medicine treatments to help people in DFW heal naturally. The doctors at our medical clinic in Dallas are leaders in regenerative medical technology that gets you fast relief.

Shoulder Pain Relief

We administer concentrated injections of growth factors and cell tissue into the shoulder joint to reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain. These treatments also promote rejuvenation and regrowth of damaged cartilage and degenerated tendons, and other structures allow for mobility in the shoulders and hold it in place.

Pinched Nerve in Shoulder

A pinched nerve could also cause the pain and stiffness in your arm. When a nearby structure presses on a nerve coming from the neck, a pinched nerve may occur.

Symptoms of this condition include:

  • Sharp arm pain
  • Numbness of the arm and hand
  • Discomfort when lifting arm
  • Joint pain in the arms

Shoulder Joint Pain Treatment

A common shoulder problem is a rotator cuff tear. Other sources of aches in the arm may be attributed to arthritis, tendonitis, or bursitis. These conditions can potentially be healed with treatments containing cellular tissue and growth factors.

Shoulder Joint Pain Treatment Plano, Tx

Your body is built to renew damaged tissues on its own. Utilizing the power of replicating cells, your body naturally heals itself from wounds and multiple acute conditions. When you have severe injuries or damage, however, your natural ability to self-heal declines. Treatments containing growth factors and cellular tissue give your body the tools needed to stimulate natural healing.

Our injections containing cell tissue has therapeutic properties that accelerate healing for all-natural pain relief. Growth factors administered directly into your sore arms tackles pain by reducing inflammation and attracts other cellular tissue to speed up healing.

The cell tissue used in the regenerative therapy offered at our medical clinic are derived from Wharton's jelly found in birth tissue.

Healthy mothers donate these previously discarded birth materials to tissue banks that follow government guidelines and regulations. Donors are thoroughly screened for diseases, and the collection process conducted during scheduled C-sections causes no harm to mother or child.

An injection of concentrated platelets and plasma referred to as platelet-rich plasma PRP therapy made also be used to treat your aching arms. PRP therapy is also a natural healing technique, which utilizes components found in your blood to regenerate healthy tissue while minimizing risks of infection. PRP injections help to promote relief from shoulder injuries involving ligament, tendon, and cartilage and osteoarthritis issues.

Chiropractic services may also be included in your treatment plan for all-natural relief. After diagnosing your condition, our doctors may recommend a course of manual adjustments to help resolve issues with your arms.

With the regenerative treatments offered at our medical clinic, you can finally stop wondering about your pain diagnosis and do something about it. Now you can benefit from non-surgical alternatives that address your unique condition.

If you or a loved one has shoulder pain in Dallas, Plano, Garland, Mesquite, Richardson, McKinney, Frisco, Allen, Addison or throughout DFW, call us today at (214) 221-2525 to schedule a free consultation.