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Amniotic Fluid

What is Amniotic Fluid? Amniotic fluid is the liquid surrounding an unborn baby during pregnancy and is a by-product of the birthing process. During a C-section, the fluid is extracted and taken to a processing facility for processing. This tissue is donated by the mother and is screened for any communicable diseases. No harm is done to the baby or mother. This fluid is made up of many different factors including cellular tissue and growth factors.

Cellular tissue serves as a repair system for the body because they have the potential to develop into many different types of cell tissue. Growth factors jump start and maintain regeneration of new tissues which contributes to healing of the damaged area. These newly introduced cell tissue attracts existing ones to begin the growth of new tissue and to aid in the remodeling of damaged, old tissue.

Amniotic fluid also possesses protease inhibitors and hyaluronic acid. Protease inhibitors aid in halting damage to cartilage in an arthritic joint. Hyaluronic acid acts as lubricant, potentially easing painful symptoms associated with degraded cartilage within a joint.

What are Stem Cells DFW

It is important to note that the cell count in amniotic fluid is far less than that found in the umbilical cord but can still offer significant relief for painful joints.

How Does It Aid In Healing?

The different growth factors in amniotic fluid all contribute to triggering the body’s natural healing response to potentially help strengthen and repair the area. Amniotic injections contain abundant substances that promote healthy tissue regeneration. These components include cytokines, growth factors, fibrinogen, collagen, hyaluronic acid and messenger RNA.

The cellular tissue in the amniotic fluid act like seeds hoping to bring new life to the area. The growth factors act like water providing nutrients and attracting cell tissue from your own body to help initiate healing process. All of these work together to prevent further damage from occurring and trigger your body to respond with the different factors in the fluid.

Is This Safe?
The FDA has certified that amniotic injections are safe for the recipient as long as the product is minimally manipulated and as long as it’s homologous. Homologous means that after the amniotic injections, the product performs essentially the same role in the recipient’s body that it did in the donor’s.

Will Insurance Cover This Treatment?Regeneration Using Treatments Containing Cell Tissue and Other Growth Factors Plano, Tx
Recently most major health insurance providers including Medicare do cover these injections when certain criteria have been met. Sometimes this will come with co-pay for the patient. This will all be discussed, In detail, once we have verify coverage with your provider.

What Conditions Do Amniotic Injections Help?
Amniotic fluid is wonderful for orthopedic uses like facilitating repair of tendons, fasciae, capsules, and ligaments. They can help chronic tendinopathies, synovial surfaces, tendonitis, and minor tissue damage.

Furthermore amniotic injections can help patients deal with issues like ACL and MCL small tears, meniscus frays, knee scopes, rotator cuff surgery, facet osteoarthritis, foot and ankle arthroplasty, acromioclavicular joint inflammation, herniated discs, hips and other problems.

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