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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Having an optimized testosterone level in proportion to other hormones brings back vitality and drive while causing the body to shed fat and gain muscle. With HRT you can enjoy all the benefits of increased testosterone levels – including improved muscle mass, energy, and libido. Plus, you’ll feel stronger and have more confidence.

Erections are better and sex drives are kicked back into gear. Bringing male hormones into balance includes more than just focusing on testosterone, estrogen, thyroid, and cortisol all must be in balance to feel optimal. Imagine turning back the clock 10, 20 or even 30 years back and experiencing that same vigor and vitality we had in our younger days.

Common Causes of Low Testosterone in Men

  • First and foremost is the natural aging process. Also, medicine side effects, such as from chemotherapy.
  • Testicle injury or cancer.
  • Problems with glands in the brain (hypothalamus and pituitary) that control hormone production.
  • Low thyroid function.
  • Too much body fat (obesity).
  • Other disorders, chronic diseases, treatments, or infection and more.

Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Men

  • Reduced libido or the reduced desire for sex
  • Fatigue or a decrease in physical stamina
  • Difficulty in maintaining erections
  • Decrease in mental sharpness, or memory impairment
  • Weight gain
  • Feelings of depression and anxiety

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