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What are the Benefits of Rehabilitation Therapy?

After you have experienced a traumatic injury or illness, you may not feel like yourself, your body may respond differently or move differently. This can be an unsettling experience. You may find yourself asking if you will ever recover. Rehabilitation therapy can help you regain your range of motion, movement, and strength while you heal.

If you are struggling with limited mobility due to a sprain, muscle strain, or dislocated joint, rehabilitation therapy can also help you get back to functioning independently again.

Doctors who are specifically trained in how to treat musculoskeletal problems dealing with the spine, nerves, and discs, know how the body is supposed to move and how to identify what is keeping it from functioning properly. This knowledge allows them to help patients recover from a wide variety of injuries and focus on prevention and rehabilitation to lessen the pain associated with conditions like:

Rehabilitation Therapy Treatment Frisco, Tx

  • Post-surgery recovery
  • Sports-related injuries involving ligaments, joints, muscles, and bones
  • Stiffness and weakness of the muscles
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Joint pain in the shoulder and elbow
  • Joint pain in the knees and hips
  • Physical disabilities
  • Loss of mobility due to stroke or Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis and other spinal disorders
  • Complications due to certain cancer treatments
  • Pre and Postnatal conditions
  • Sprains or tears in the ligaments or muscles
  • Tendonitis
  • And many more

Rehabilitation therapy not only helps you get your strength and mobility back, it can also improve your endurance. By providing you the tools and guidance for better posture, proper exercises, and lifestyle changes, you can also prevent future injuries.

Your body has a unique ability to heal and adding rehabilitation therapy can help speed up the process with advanced services, such as:

  • Physiotherapy – a customized plan for corrective movements to focus on your specific needs without the use of pain medications or invasive surgical procedures.
  • Chiropractic adjustments and spinal manipulations – can be used to help reduce inflammation, increase range of motion, and stimulate soft tissue.
  • Massage therapy – can increase blood flow and circulation helping to increase mobility and decrease pain and discomfort in the muscles and tissue.
  • Corrective exercises – can be customized to how you need to improve your posture and movements to help decrease the strain on your joints and muscles, improving your range of motion.

Regardless of what type of injury you have sustained or condition you have that is causing you pain or physical restriction, rehabilitation therapy and the doctors who work with you throughout the process can help to reduce your pain and increase your mobility to get back to living a life of activity. Schedule an appointment today to see what options are available for a personalized rehabilitation plan.