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What Results Can I Expect From Regenerative Cell Therapy?

Regenerative cell therapy is a non-surgical treatment that focuses on relieving pain by injecting young healthy cells into an injured area that helps the body heal, unlike painkillers that temporarily relieve pain by masking it.

Regenerative cells can be used to replace or supplement many types of damaged tissue. This is especially true of tissue that can’t heal on its own and needs assistance. Regenerative cell therapy can help relieve pain that would otherwise be hard to recover from.

Natural Pain Relief Dallas, Tx

The types of pain that respond well to regenerative cell therapy are usually related to damaged muscle tissue or depletion of cartilage. This is especially true of joint conditions, as these points endure a significant amount of stress in a lifetime and are often surrounded by specialized muscle tissue and cartilage.

Two types of pain that could be caused by muscle and cartilage damage are knee pain and hip pain. Torn ligaments in the knee or a depletion of the cartilage that cushions the hip joint are common. Both of these conditions can be very painful and slow to heal on their own, but regenerative cell therapy can help relieve or eliminate the discomfort.

Natural Pain Relief

The pain relief offered by regenerative cell therapy is a natural treatment that enhances the body’s healing process. You’re not putting some type of foreign substance into your body so there’s no worry of dependency, as is a risk with certain painkillers.

Where do regenerative cells come from? We prefer sourcing them from Wharton’s jelly, a substance found in the umbilical cord. It is rich in healing agents including mesenchymal cells, cytokines, lipids, peptides, collagen and other substances. When injected into a source of pain, they adapt to the patient’s cells and bolster their ability to regenerate and heal. The result is quicker healing with almost no downtime, risk of infection or risk of rejection.

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